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  • Long Term Care Insurance Rates

    December 04, 2012 By menshinsurance Leave a Comment

    View my CNBC article discussing rising Long Term Care rates. http://tinyurl.com/ctqbekd           http://tinyurl.com/bmo7slc

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After careful review of the industry and available products, NSSA is happy to provide access to Prudential and their full array of benefit options specific to Long Term Care. All members, spouses, parents and siblings may access the association discount via this program and all are billed directly to each individual.

What is Long Term Care Insurance?

Long Term Care Insurance provides benefits to help pay for prolonged healthcare costs incurred in the home, community, or in Assisted Living or Nursing facilities. This insurance should be purchased by anyone who wants to protect their assets and remain independent in the event that a serious illness or accident leaves them incapacitated. The key is to buy this coverage at younger ages to lock in the lower age rates while you are in good health. Not only are the significant preferred health discounts, but you can't afford to risk having an application turned down at older ages due to complicated health history or ongoing chronic issues.

Quick Facts:

  • Did you realize that nearly 50% of all Long Term Care is accessed by those under age 65? Are you and your assets prepared in the event of a car accident or stroke to bring care to your own how without the assistance of your health plan beyond a finite period of days?
  • The average length of stay in a Nursing Home is only 2.4 years, however, the average length of an Alzheimer's situation is now over 8 years.
  • The average cost of a care per year in a skilled Nursing Home nationally is now approximately $70,000…this is after tax money so we are talking close to $100,000/year to pay for care in 2010. Imagine what it will cost in 2020 or 2030?

More Information

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Who is Mensh Insurance?

Mensh Insurance was originally begun in 1968 by Jeffrey C. Mensh in the Washington D.C. area and focused primarily on Disability and Life Insurance. Always completely independent, Mensh Insurance has brought all top carriers and products to individual, corporate and association clients throughout the country.

In the mid 1990’s as LTC Insurance began to evolve, Mensh Insurance partnered with The Haslett Management Group, the largest and most successful LTC Insurance only wholesaler in the country in order to extend the same independence and product specialization specific to the Long Term Care Insurance world.

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Mensh Insurance is excited about our partnership with Extend Health, a leading Medicare Supplement provider throughout the country. As you know, Mensh insurance specializes in Disability, Long Term Care and Life Insurance. We bring the best products to our clients in those product areas and via this partnership with Extend Health, we can now do the same in the Medicare Supplement arena. By clicking on this link you are leaving MenshInsurance.com and now moving to Extendhealth.com. Thanks for visiting!